Research Areas

  • Graphics, Human Computer Interaction, & User Experience
  • Scientific and High Performance Computing


B.S. Mathematics '63, UNC-CH
M.S. Mathematics '67, Purdue U.
Ph.D. Computer Science '72. UNC-CH


Upon completing his BS in Mathematics at UNC-Chapel Hill in 1963, he was obligated to spend two years in the Navy and was stationed on board the USS Enterprise, the first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in the Navy. He was a communications officer and the cryptographic security officer. While he was on the Enterprise, the ship took a trip around the globe in Operation Sea Orbit to demonstrate the value of nuclear power to the world. He was released from active duty in 1965 when he was admitted to graduate school at Purdue University. While at Purdue he played with an R&B band and was offered the opportunity to go on the road when he graduated. He completed his MS degree in 1967 and took a job at UNC-Greensboro in the math department so he could pursue his PhD in computer science at UNC-Chapel Hill. His specialty was numerical analysis. David moved to Chapel Hill to complete his degree in 1970; while there his son Tim was born. While at UNC he was offered an NSF Fellowship. He completed his PhD in 1972 and took a position at NC State University in the computer science department. While at NC State, he was author or co-author of three books and several book chapters. He published over 30 journal articles and over 100 refereed conference papers. He has a patent on a 3D imaging device. He directed many PhD dissertations and hosted over twenty visiting scholars. He also served for a time as graduate administrator for the CSC dept. David retired in 2008. He married Nancy Cooke in 1995. Nancy taught in the English department at NC State. In 1994 she and David formed a company called C&M Online Media, and they were the first to sell ebooks on the web. Their imprint was Boson Books, which after twenty years was purchased by a company in L.A., and Boson Books can still be found online. David’s son Tim graduated with honors from NC State and took a job directing a swimming pool for the City of Raleigh. David retired in 2008. David and Nancy moved to the SearStone Retirement Community in December 2014. He enjoys playing piano, traveling with Nancy, and reading mysteries. David’s goal in life is to attain, as his father used to say, peace and quiet. See my publications on my vitae available at my stereo research: website You can view my music recordings and videos on my Facebook page. My home email is My mobile phone number is 919-810-2683.