DK is an Assistant Professor in the CS Department at NC State and leads the NCSU Generative Intelligent Computing Lab. His research is fundamentally grounded in exploring and advancing Landed Generative AI, with particular emphasis on studying the autonomy of intelligent agents (tools, chains, tasks), decision/reasoning reliability (alignment, uncertainty, adaptability, robustness), and resource efficiency (data utilization, computation, parameter optimization) in Generative AI (ChatGPT, GPT-X, Diffusion Models) Systems. DK’s research has been published repeatedly in top conferences and journals in AI, NLP, CV, Hardware, and other fields. He serves as the Column Editor for ACM SIGAI Newsletter, chairs The First Workshop on DL-Hardware Co-Design for AI Acceleration with AAAI 2023, and co-chairs The Resource-Efficient Learning for Knowledge Discovery Workshop with KDD 2023. He has served as session chair for New Deep Learning Architectures, and for Scalable & Trustable AI at KDD 2022, and has served as a (senior) PC member and regular reviewer for over 30 major conferences and 16 journals. In addition, he has launched the Machine Learning Algorithms & Natural Language Processing community. DK also has extensive research experience in industry. He has been collaborating with Microsoft Research, Google Research, Moffett AI, and NEC labs America, and holds 10 US patents/applications. DK's long-term research goal is to liberate AI productivity and democratize its application to serve a broader range of populations and real-world applications, equally, sustainably, and responsibly.

Research Areas

  • Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Agents


  • The Pennsylvania State University, PA, USA, 2022
  • University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China, 2017
  • Renmin University of China, Beijing, China, 2014

CSC Spring Courses

  • CSC 591-006 LEC SP Topic CSC - Efficient Deep Learning   Th 6:00pm-8:45pm   Room: 1220 Engineering Building 2

  • CSC 791-006 LEC Advncd Topics CSC - Efficient Deep Learning   Th 6:00pm-8:45pm   Room: 1220 Engineering Building 2


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