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March 29, 2010

Perros Makes Free e-Book Available Through Website

Dr. Harry Perros, Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor of computer science at NC State University, has made his e-book entitled “Computer Simulation Techniques:  The definitive introduction!” available for free download through his website. 


The book has been a work in progress over the last 15 years, and is based on Perros’ lecture notes for a course on simulation techniques that was taught by the department back in the ‘80’s.  He made his typed notes available to his graduate students to read to learn simulation techniques rapidly in order to use simulation in their research.  Perros realized then that the notes were a good resource, as it described the basics of simulation techniques in simple terms and there were computer projects to go along with the material.  In addition, the way it was laid out, it rendered itself to self-study.


Over the last 15 years he has “debugged” the material, added more information, and decided to make it available for free download.  Says Perros, “I believe in 'open education' and this way I could continue to embellish it and improve on it.” 


He has received interesting responses from contacts via the Internet.  One of the most touching was an email that Perros received from a Dean of a College of Computer Science in a remote part of the Philippines, who asked Perros’ for permission to print the e-book and put it in the library.  The dean said that books were scarce in his university and he was so happy to find Perros’ book available on the Internet.


For more information about Dr. Perros, or to download the e-book, click here.




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