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April 16, 2009

Rouskas Releases New Book

Congratulations to Dr. George Rouskas, professor of computer science at NC State University, for having his book entitled Internet Tiered Services:  Theory, Economics, and Quality of Service published by Springer.

The book develops a theoretical framework for reasoning about and pricing Internet tiered services, as well as a practical algorithmic toolset for network providers to develop customized menus of service offerings. A comprehensive study of the design, sizing, and pricing of tiered structures for Internet services is provided, and their potential in simplifying the operation of complex components such as packet schedulers is illustrated.

The topic corresponds to a graduate-level field of study that combines the fields of Internet services, economics, and quality of service (QoS) in network resource allocation.

For more information on Dr. Rouskas' book, click here.

For more information on Dr. Rouskas, click here.



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