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Cyber Defense Laboratory Opened On Centennial Campus

The Department of Computer Science at North Carolina State University celebrated the opening of the new Cyber Defense Laboratory on April 24 with posters, presentations and demonstrations provided by students to explain their security-related research.

Since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, research universities have worked with government agencies and other institutions to protect the nation’s infrastructure, computer systems and networks. Faculty and students in the Department of Computer Science at NC State contribute to that effort with their research in cyber defense – keeping computer systems safe from hackers.

The new laboratory will house all faculty and students performing cyber-defense research, as well as all necessary equipment. Three computer science faculty members – Dr. Douglas S. Reeves, professor of computer science; Dr. S. Purushothama Iyer, associate professor of computer science; and Dr. Peng Ning, assistant professor of computer science – and their graduate students will move to the new facility. Reeves and Iyer are currently working on several cyber-defense projects, and Ning is a security specialist. Their job is to find ways of keeping computer systems secure from increasingly clever and malicious intruders.

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Take a look at some photos of the opening ceremony.

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