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October 06, 2008

Jiang Wins ‘Best Paper’ Award at RAID Symposium

Congratulations to Dr. Xuxian Jiang, assistant professor in computer science, who recently won the ‘best paper’ award in the 11th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection (RAID).

Jiang’s paper, titled, “Guest-Transparent Prevention of Kernel Rootkits with VMM-based Memory Shadowing,” was co-authored by Ryan Riley, a computer science doctoral student from Purdue University, and co-advised by Dr. Dongyan Xu, an associate professor at Purdue University.  The paper presented a kernel rootkit prevention system called NICKLE, which addresses a common, fundamental characteristic of most kernel rootkits: the need for executing their own kernel code.

The RAID International Symposium annually brings together leading researchers and practitioners from academia, government and industry to discuss issues and technologies related to intrusion detection and defense.  This year’s symposium was held in Cambridge, Mass.

For more information on Dr Jiang, click here.


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