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August 29, 2008

Breaux Receives “Preparing the Professoriate” Fellowship

Computer Science Ph.D. student, Travis Breaux, has been named one of 20 doctoral students selected as a 2008-09 Preparing the Professoriate Fellowship recipient through a University-wide competition, open to doctoral students who plan careers as research/teaching scholars at colleges and universities.

Preparing the Professoriate is a program that gives faculty and doctoral students the opportunity to engage in a significant mentoring activity for an academic year. The program sponsors nine workshops for participants and their mentors throughout the academic year illuminating various aspects of college/university teaching.

In conjunction with his Faculty Mentor, Dr. Matt Stallmann, Breaux will develop a detailed plan for the PTP year, which covers two semesters: an observation semester and a teaching semester.

The program is a central component of NC State's attempt to enrich and improve the way in which graduate students are trained at this University by providing students with a hands-on teaching opportunity under a distinguished faculty mentor who is recognized for his/her teaching skills.

Participation in this program is a requirement for all NC State GAANN Fellows, and each student receives a $1,000 stipend.

For four of the last five years, a computer science graduate student has been selected for this highly competitive award.  Previous winners include Claris Castillo, David Wright and Sibin Mohan.
Congratulations to Travis and all the program participants!

For more information on the Preparing the Professoriate program, visit its web site.


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