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April 28, 2008

Savage Receives National Security Agency Research Award

Photo of SavageDr. Carla Savage, professor of computer science at NC State University, has been awarded $77,185 by the National Security Agency (DOD) to fund her research proposal titled “Enumeration and Structure in Combinatorial Families Defined By Linear Inequalities.”

The award will run from April 21, 2008 through April 20, 2010.

Research Abstract - The solution of linear diophantine inequalities is at the heart of problems in many areas of mathematics.  In recent years there has been an evolution of mathematical techniques and software tools to solve them. Nevertheless, many important problems remain beyond the scope of these methods.

The focus of this proposal is the enumeration of combinatorial structures defined by linear diophantine constraints.  It includes an investigation of the structure of these families and their relationship to equinumerious families with intrinsically different characterizations.  A primary goal is the development of mathematical techniques for diophantine enumeration that are able to exploit the symmetry, recursion, and structure appearing in combinatorial families.  One aspect will be the implementation of the techniques developed in software that can be downloaded from the web.

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