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March 20, 2008

Society of Toxicology Ranks Research Paper Among 2007 RASS Top Ten

Congratulations to Li Li, a computer science graduate student studying bioinformatics, as well as her advisor Dr. Steffen Heber, and collaborators ME Andersen and Q Zhang at The Hammer Institutes for Health Sciences, for having their research paper ranked among 2007 RASS (Risk Assessment Specialty Section) Top Ten Papers in Advancing the Science of Risk Assessment.

The paper, titled, “Non-monotonic Dose-respond Relationship in Steroid Hormone Receptor-mediated Gene Expression,” was ranked by the Society of Toxicology in a competition for the best published paper advancing the science of risk assessment.

Li’s work, funded by Andersen and Zhang, was built upon a computational model to investigate the steady-state dose response behavior of exogenous steroid ligands in an endogenous hormonal background under various parameter conditions. The model provides a novel mechanism dose response behavior and may help to understand how selective steroid receptor modulators work and improve risk assessment for many environmental endocrine active chemicals and synthetic drugs.


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