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March 04, 2008

Cultural Diversity Day Planned by Graduate Student Associations

Multiple activities planned for Thursday, March 13th, 2-7 pm in EBII – free and open to all!

The Graduate Student Associations (GSAs) from both the Computer Science and Electrical & Computer Engineering departments have joined forces to sponsor the inaugural Cultural Diversity Day on Thursday, March 13, 2008

The celebration will be held in Engineering Building II on NC State’s Centennial Campus from 2-7 pm, and will feature several activities designed to recognize the diversity of our student population in the College of Engineering and promotes awareness of the wealth and benefits that diversity brings. 

The event is open to all CSC & ECE students, both graduate and undergraduate.

NC State's College of Engineering demonstrates its regard for diversity by bringing in top quality faculty and students, coming not only from diverse research backgrounds, but also from diverse cultures and societies.

To celebrate this diversity, the CSC & ECE GSAs invite students to participate in the following events (including time and specific location of event):

A Game Quiz on diversity related facts and figures from different countries (representing our student body) shown in posters and flyers.  Prizes will be awarded to those who get the most answers correct!  EBII, CSC Dept., East Wing Atrium. 2-3pm

Talk by a Representative from the University Career Center showing statistics for diversity in education and employment in the engineering field.  Employment is becoming global.  The talk will also show increasing trends for American students seeking internships and even inter-country MBA's as their skills become highly sought after in countries like China, Dubai, and India.  EBII Room 3211, 2:30-3pm

Panel Discussion by ePartner Representatives, who will discuss diversity in the workplace.  The theme of the panel discussion: “Diversity:  A Moral Imperative or Good Business?”  The discussion will focus on labor mandates for diversity, hiring trends, how diversity impacts team performance, how diversity gives global competitive edge to a company's initiatives, products and services.  EBII Room 3211, 3-4:30pm

Buffet of International Cuisines, showcasing cuisines for students to sample from different countries and regions including the United States, India, China, Korea, the Middle East, Central America, Europe, and Southeast Asia.  EBII CSC Dept., 3rd floor hallway, 4:30pm--till 

To add to the event, students are welcome to come in a costume that represents their culture.

CSC & ECE students are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to learn about different cultures, which help make up the tapestry of our student body.  Come to hear why companies are so interested and committed to diversity in an ever-flattening world.  Come and enjoy the sights, smells and tastes of the international buffet spread!  Come to interact with your fellow students of different nationalities!  Come and have fun!!!

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