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November 19, 2007

Ning Collaborative Research Effort Receives ARO Funding

Dr. Peng Ning, associate professor of computer science, is a co-PI on a collaborative research effort with colleagues in the ECE department which has been awarded a total of $223,071 by the Army Research Office to fund the research proposal titled “Reliable Medium Access in Wireless Networks: Vulnerabilities, Protection, and Recovery.” 

Ning’s and the computer science portion of the award is approximately 40% or $89,228.

The award will run from August 1, 2007 through February 28, 2008.

Research Abstract - The goal is to study vulnerabilities of medium access in wireless networks and develop preventive algorithms for protection and reactive algorithms for recovery in the aftermath of cyber-attacks.  The approach will be to start with detailed middle-ware based traffic injecting, monitoring, measurement, and analysis in the Networking of Wireless Information Systems (NeTWIS) lab of North Carolina State University. The collected data will be later used for evaluation and verification of our proposed solutions.

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