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November 06, 2007

Song and Thummalapenta win ETX 2007 Best Student Paper Award

Congratulations to PhD students Yoonki Song and Suresh Thummalapenta as their paper co-authored with Dr. Tao Xie entitled “UnitPlus: Assisting Developer Testing in Eclipse” won the Best Student Paper Award at the 5th Eclipse Technology eXchange (ETX) Workshop at OOPSLA 2007 held in Montreal, Canada on October 21, 2007.
The paper presents an Eclipse plug-in called UnitPlus that assists developers in writing JUnit test cases faster in Eclipse. UnitPlus runs in the background and recommends test-code pieces for developers to choose (and revise when needed) to put in test oracles or test inputs.  The recommendations are based on static analysis of the class under test and already written unit test cases.
The goal of the Eclipse Technology Exchange Workshop (ETX) is to bring together researchers and practitioners to exchange ideas about potential new uses of Eclipse and how the core Eclipse technology can be leveraged, improved, and/or extended for research and teaching projects.  The students are honored at the end of the ETX workshop.
Both Song and Thummalapenta are advised by Dr. Tao Xie.

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