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October 15, 2007

Singh Award to Fund Policy-Based Governance for OOI Cyberinfrastructure

Dr. Munindar Singh has been awarded $53,600 by the University of California - San Diego (prime sponsor is Joint Oceanographic Institutions) to fund his research proposal titled “Policy-Based Governance for the OOI Cyberinfrastructure.” 

The award will run from May 3, 2007 through February 29, 2008.

Research Abstract - This project will develop policy-based service governance modules for the Oceanographic Observatories Initiative (OOI) Cyberinfrastructure.  The main objectives of the proposed project include (1) formulating the key conceptual model underlying the patterns of governance; (2) formalizing "best practices" patterns familiar to the scientific community and seeding the cyberinfrastructure with them; (3) understanding user requirements for tools that support creating and editing patterns of governance.

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