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October 03, 2007

Rouskas Chairs IEEE BROADNETS Conference

Dr. George Rouskas, professor of computer science at N.C. State University, chaired the IEEE BROADNETS 2007 Conference, held September 10-13th at the Millennium Hotel in Durham.

According to Rouskas, the conference was the largest networking conference ever held in the Research Triangle area.

Wayne Clark of Cisco Systems presented one of the invited talks on the subject of “Grid Computing as a Technology Incubator”.

Dr. Rudra Dutta, associate professor of computer science, served as Industry Sponsorship & Exhibits/Demo Chair.

In addition, alumna Dr. Ilia Baldine, of the Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI)  at N.C State University chaired the International Workshop on Optical Burst/Packet Switching (WOBS), held in conjunction with IEEE BROADNETS 2007 on September 10th 2007.

IEEE BROADNETS 2007 is an international conference focusing on broadband communications, networks, and systems and covers the entire gamut of next generation networks, communications systems, applications and services. It is divided into three symposia, WIRELESS Communications, Networks and Systems; OPTICAL Communications, Networks and Systems Symposium; and INTERNET Technologies Symposia.


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