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September 07, 2007

Hazard & Wurman Win ICEC 2007 Best Paper Award

Congratulations to doctoral candidate Chris Hazard and Dr. Peter Wurman, as their paper entitled “The Game of Scale: Decision-Making with Economies of Scale,” won the Best Managerial Paper Award at the Ninth International Conference on Electronic Commerce (ICEC) 2007 held August 19-22 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

The paper presents a basic model, the Game of Scale, to study the effects of economy-of-scale in decision-making among a large pool of self-interested agents. It solves the
model’s static equilibria and presents two dynamic decision models, one myopic and one trend-following. It also demonstrates how trend-following can improve global outcomes over myopic decision-making. Finally, it describes how the game can be externally controlled.

The International Conference on Electronic Commerce (ICEC) annually brings together the leaders of the scientific research community in e-commerce and e-business from all over the world.  According to Hazard, it is one of the few conferences in which computer science and business disciplines combine.

Hazard also noted this year’s conference marked the first time in the history of the conference that computer scientists’ papers won both the computer science and business tracks.

Hazard is advised by Dr. Munidar Singh. Wurman, former associate professor of computer science at NC State, is currently an Engineering Fellow, Software Architecture at Kiva Systems.


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