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September 06, 2007

Healey & Rhyne on Panel to Discuss Visualizing Information

Dr. Christopher Healey and Theresa-Marie Rhyne will represent the department of computer science as panelists to discuss the topic: “Visualizing Information: Understanding Without Numbers or Words (or, Who is Edward Tufte Anyway? & Other Visualization Matters)” during an NC State University Teaching, Learning, & Technology Roundtable (TLTR) scheduled for September 20th (3:30 - 5 PM) in the Faculty Senate Chambers of the D.H. Hill Library - 2nd Floor West Wing.

Students, faculty, staff, and administrators are welcome to join in a discussion with some of our talented NC State researchers on how data can be translated into and interpreted as visual image.

The leadoff panel consists of Hal Meeks, ITD Multimedia Consultant (and concurrently graduate student in Design) on the art of Edward Tufte; Christopher Healey, Associate Professor of Computer Science on scientific visualization; Theresa-Marie Rhyne, Director of the Center for Visualization & Analytics on analytics and scientific visualization; and, Tony Brock on motion typography in graphic design.

This topic speaks to the important subjects of multiple learning styles as well as the way that new media technologies are supporting a convergence of media forms in our visual landscape.

The discussion should be of interest to students, faculty & staff working in a range of disciplines, from computer science to social science.

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