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March 27, 2007

Seven NC State Papers Selected for Presentation at INFOCOM 2007

IEEE’s INFOCOM, the major flagship conference in networking recently announced the acceptance of seven papers from NC State University for presentation at their 26th annual conference scheduled for May 6-12 in Anchorage, Alaska. 

Six of the seven NC State papers came from the department of computer science, a significant achievement which serves to highlight the quality of our networking faculty and students, and the research they are conducting.

Papers authored by faculty and/or students from the NC State department of computer science selected for presentation at IEEE INFOCOM 2007 include:

Tracing Traffic through Intermediate Hosts that Repacketize Flows
Young June Pyun, Young Hee Park (NC State University, US), Xinyuan Wang (George Mason University, US), Douglas Reeves, Peng Ning (NC State University, US)

Stochastic Ordering for Internet Congestion Control and its Applications
Han Cai, Do Young Eun, Sangtae Ha, Injong Rhee (North Carolina State University, US)
Lisong Xu (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, US)

Multicast Scheduling in Cellular Data Networks
Hyungsuk Won, Han Cai, Do Young Eun (NC State University, US)
Katherine Guo, Arun Netravali (Lucent Technologies, US)
Injong Rhee (NC State University, US)
Krishan Sabnani (Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies, US)

A Framework for Tiered Service in MPLS Networks
George Rouskas (NC State University, US)
Nikhil Baradwaj (Microstratgy, US)

On the Stability-Scalability Tradeoff of DHT Deployment
Chih-Chiang Wang, Khaled Harfoush (NC State University, US)

Causal Factors Behind Internet Power-Law Connectivity and Implications on Performance and Security
Sangmin Kim, Khaled Harfoush (NC State University, US)

Papers authored by faculty and/or students from the NC State department of electrical & computer engineering selected for presentation at IEEE INFOCOM 2007  include:

Scalable and Reliable Sensor Network Routing: Performance Study from Field Deployment
Matt Nassr (Los Alamos National Laboratory, US)
Jangeun Jun (North Carolina State University, US)
Stephan Eidenbenz , Anders Hansson, Angela Mielke (Los Alamos National Laboratories, US)

For more information on IEEE INFOCOM 2007, visit their web site.

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