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September 13, 2006

Watson Receives Award to Study Hyper-Resolution Rendering and Display

Dr. Ben Watson has received funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) of $60,000 for his research proposal titled “Hyper-Resolution Rendering and Display. 
The award will run from August 16, 2006 through August 15, 2007.
Research Abstract - Bringing the rendering technology that created the game industry to personal and business imaging will require achieving interactive display at printer resolution.  With such displays, documents might be read directly off desktops, and analysts might spread all of a massive dataset across walls, and then lean forward to see the finest data detail.  For such display, verbose pixel-by-pixel representations will not scale.  This research will achieve a higher-level representation built on two fundamental technologies: adaptive frameless rendering, which exploits both spatial and temporal coherence in imagery; and change-based rendering, builds imagery using higher-level primitives such as gradients and edges.

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