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July 17, 2006

WolfTech Webteam Releases "Tracster" in Public Beta Version

The WolfTech Webteam has recently created a new web application for use by the NC State community.

Tracster is an online course registration planner for use by all Undergraduate and Graduate students. If you are familiar with the XTracs application available on Linux/Solaris, you will immediately recognize this system. Tracster is a web-based alternative for this system.

Tracster uses the same sources of information as XTracs, updating its course schedules daily. As with XTracs, a student can find, select, and arrange courses using a visible schedule which can then be printed out or saved.  A saved schedule can be reloaded into the application should changes need to be made.  Completed schedules can be used as a reference when registering for classes, however, like XTracs, Tracster is only a pre-registration schedule organizer. It does not register a student with PackTracks in any way.

Students are invited to give this application a try in its current public beta version.  Feedback, suggestions for improvement, and bug reports should be emailed to  The tool may be found at:

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