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June 30, 2006

Breaux Wins Wilkinson Research Ethics Fellowship

CSC doctoral candidate, Travis Breaux has been selected as a recipient of the prestigious Walter H. Wilkinson Research Ethics Fellowship.  
The award, valued at $3,000, recognizes the work that he and faculty mentor, Dr. Annie Antón, are doing on: Ethical and Legal Constraints on the Use of DNA and Medical Information in Research.  
Funded through an endowment established by NC State alumnus Walter H. Wilkinson, this fellowship is awarded to a doctoral student at NC State University who wishes to participate in the Research Ethics Fellows Program.  
Within the university’s larger Research Ethics Program, Research Ethics Fellows are doctoral students who engage in an in-depth study of research ethics for one academic year, exploring the guidelines for professional conduct and ethical decision-making that are part of the very fabric of a research university. 
Breaux and Antón are serving as visiting scholars at Purdue University and will return in August.
[Editor's Note 8/23/2006 - Antón has also been named one of NC State's Senior Research Ethics Fellows for the period of 2006-08.]

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