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November 28, 2005

POP Mail End of Life

Attention CSC Faculty & Staff:

If you are a POP email user, you should have received an announcement via email from NCSU ITD about converting your email account from POP to IMAP. This is just a reminder that you, as a POP user, are encouraged to convert your account from POP to IMAP, prior to the mandatory cutoff date of **FEBRUARY 1, 2006**.

If you have not received the announcement or are still unsure whether you are a POP user or not, login to NCSU Sysnews lookup tool at and look under the "Email Information" section. If it says "POP server:", then you are a POP user.

How to switch from POP to IMAP?

Go to and read the instructions very carefully.

What email clients does CSC IT recommend?

Thunderbird and Webmail.

Why is the department recommending Thunderbird & Webmail

Webmail is a Web-based email client which resembles almost all free-email services available out there. To access your IMAP account via Webmail please read this Webmail tutorial.

Some reasons why Thunderbird is recommended:

  • Thunderbird is supported and distributed by ITD
  • All mail is kept server side instead of on the local machine (unless messages become too large, and then a backup protocol is determined per user)
  • Thunderbird can easily import all contacts and mail from Outlook
  • Thunderbird is more secure when interfacing with IMAP servers. (encrypting name and password transmissions)

Please see this list of Thunderbid FAQs

For more information about this announcement please check:

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