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August 23, 2005

IEEE's First Event is here

The Career Center presentation and Dog Days of Summer Event is August 23rd at 7:00pm. That's this Tuesday night!

We will begin in MDR(EGRC) 136 with Leslie Rand-Pickett telling how to find all of the career information that we have always wanted, and it was on the website the whole time. Such as: What companies are hiring from NCSU? What are they paying? When will they be on campus? And the biggest one of all....What can the career center do for me anyway?

Then we will go outside of the Montieth Research Center and cook out some Dogs! We are going to have all kinds of Dogs, from beef to vegetarian. Members eat free, and non-members can join the fun for only a dollar. All of the officers will be there and we will have welcoming packets with information on IEEE and what we are up to this year.

Don’t miss this opportunity to start networking, and kicking this year off in the right direction.

posted by - Chris Braswell, President IEEE NCSU Student Branch

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