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August 04, 2005

Mentor Graphics Awards $15,000 to Dr. Franc Brglez

Mentor Graphics Corporation, the technology leader in Electronic Design Automation (EDA), has awarded a gift grant of $15,000 to Dr. Franc Brglez to further his research in the xBED project. The xBED project complements and extends the effort to formalize experiments and experimental design of combinatorial algorithms in a number of ways. A major factor is the observation that experiments in component reliability and well-designed experiments for a group of algorithms and a group of problem isomorphs are supported by the same statistical framework.

The xBED project is part of on-going research at the Collaborative Benchmarking and Experimental Algorithmics Laboratory co-directed by Dr. Franc Brglez and Dr. Matthias Stallmann. The grant from Mentor Graphics Corporation will support the purchase of a number of Xserve units from Apple, and represents a significant upgrade of the web- and compute-serving capabilities for the laboratory. A computational milestone that is being planned for the near future includes an engagement of few highly-ranked participants in a recent sat-solver competition to design new experiments that use various classes of isomorph instances as defined in the xBED project.

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