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May 08, 2024

Congratulations Spring 2024 CSC Graduates!

The James T. Valvano Arena inside NC State's Reynolds Coliseum was packed with hundreds of friends and family members on May 2nd to celebrate the Spring 2024 computer science graduates.  This year's graduating class of nearly 500 students (the largest graduating class ever!) included 18 Ph.D., 191 M.S., and 255 B.S. degree recipients. 


The undergraduate class included one Park Scholar:  Anika Lakshmi Bhadriraju; three Benjamin Franklin Scholars:  Cutter J. Bell, Gabriella Sage Micheli, and Jeffrey Zeng; and five CyberCorps®  Scholarship for Service Program participants:  Maryam Abkar, Andrew Eagle Cada, Charles Andrew Fligg, Garret William Knapp, and Kira Elaine Polchow.


The class also included eleven Computer Science Honors Program participants: Osama Albahrani, Nyela Mary Jamilah Allen, Daniel Dong, Christopher Warren Fields, Mason James Horne, Xingru Huang, Robert Patrick Kenney, Harris Ahmed Khan, Sarthak Mehta, Daniel Parker Nolting, and Sanjit Kumar Verma; five University Honors Program participants:  Robert Huu English, Nikulas Kristjan Gudmundsson, Jack Holden Howard, Adam Jianming Wu, and Alexandra Leigh Zettlemoyer; nine University Scholars Program participants:  Isaac Joseph Dunn, Madeleine Elizabeth Ewart, Christopher Warren Fields, Myles Ilan Gregor, Kelsey Hanser, Jaden Alexander Jenkins, Roman Oscar Peace, Robert Nolan Pyles, and Jeffrey Zeng; and numerous members of a variety of scholastic honor societies.


The Computer Science Outstanding Seniors for Spring 2024 are Aaina Ezlil Vannan (Senior Award for Citizenship and Service), Jeffrey Zeng (Senior Award for Humanities), Duncan Marley Glynn (Senior Award for Scholarly Achievement), and John McLean Grace (Senior Award for Leadership).  The Computer Science Department's Faculty Senior Scholar was Hannah Madison Estes.


The Spring Diploma Ceremony's undergraduate student speaker was Brenda Chavez.  Chavez is the first person at NC State to graduate with the new Engineering Education Minor.  In her remarks, Chavez told the audience, especially the graduates, that she had faced obstacles, just like many others.  She said, "Regardless of diverse backgrounds, whether race, gender, socioeconomic status, we've all embraced these challenges learning from our mistakes and persevering."  


Chavez added, "Yet through these trials we've learned invaluable lessons.  We've learned that mistakes are opportunities for growth, and that learning is lifelong.  It's about thinking, which leads to action, and action is doing."


She concluded her remarks saying, "As we move forward, let's remain committed to the spirit of thinking and doing, ever ready to tackle the extraordinary challenges that lie ahead.  Congratulations to the Class of 2024!"


The ceremony can be in its entirety here.  Our special thanks go to the Computer Science Department ePartners Program, its participating corporate sponsors, and the NC State Engineering Foundation for their generous sponsorship of this ceremony.


Congratulations to all of our Spring 2024 Computer Science graduates! 



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