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May 24, 2005

NC State Computer Science Design Team will participate in the Sixth Annual IEEE Computer Society International Design Competition (CSIDC)

A Senior Design Center project submitted to the IEEE Computer Society International Design Competition (CSIDC) 2005 has been named one of the top ten in the world. The team will be traveling to Washington DC at the end of June to participate in the CSIDC 2005 World Finals. This is the second time in the past 3 years that one of our Senior Design Center teams has reached the top ten. The 2003 team placed third in the world with their "Diet Download" project.

The members of the 2005 team are: David Coblentz (CSC), Dakota Hawkins (CSC), Jonathan Lewis (CSC), and Ben Noffsinger (Fisheries & Wildlife). The team's faculty and staff mentors are Dr. Robert Fornaro, Ms. Margaret Heil, and Mr. John Stone of our Senior Design Center and Dr. Richard Lancia, Fisheries & Wildlife. Their project is called NEAT: Networks for Endangered Animal Tracking. NEAT combines GPS technology with wireless sensor networks to produce a potential product for wildlife officials and agencies. The system utilizes battery-powered, ad hoc, wireless sensor systems to collect, store, and forward GPS-based location data that can be used to track animal movements. For more information about the competition, please see:

Congratulations to this terrific team as they prepare to go to Washington! Please stay tuned for more details.

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