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March 29, 2024

Senior Design Center's Spring Posters & Pies Planned for April 26

Please join us for the NC State Department of Computer Science Senior Design Center’s Spring "Posters & Pies" event on Friday, April 26th, from 6:30-8:00 p.m. in NC State’s McKimmon Center. 


Each of our Spring 2024 Senior Design teams will proudly show off project demonstrations and poster displays.  Dessert pies and drinks will be served.


Thank you to our partners, BlueCross BlueShield of NC, ShareFile, the Computer Science ePartners Program and the NC State Engineering Foundation, for their support of this event.


For directions to the McKimmon Center, please go to:  Ample parking is free.


A list of our partners and projects can be found below.  For more details about projects, please go here:

  1. Arts NC State:  The Curricular Connections Guide
  2. Bandwidth:  SCOTTY - A Cloud Orchestration Tool
  3. Batista:  Assembliss - Arm Support for VS Code
  4. Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC:  Cloud Based DevOps
  5. ChatLearn Initiative: MedBot  Get Real-Time Health Advice with AI
  6. Cisco:  PassGuard - Automated Password Strengthening
  7. Clariant:  Gamified Sustainability Narrative Challenge
  8. DELTA:  Chatbot Maker - Simplifying the Creation & Maintenance of Educational Chatbots
  9. Entrepreneurs:  Campus Companion
  10. Gaweda:  WolfWatch v2.0
  11. Heckman:  Repo Beacon - An Intelligent Data Processing Tool for the CSC 216 Teaching Staff
  12. Hitachi Energy 1:  Dev Buddy - DevOps Task Automator
  13. Hitachi Energy 2:  Test Ease - A Data Simulation App
  14. Impartial:  Justice Well Played - Grand Jury Game
  15. K2S (Ankit Agarwal) (Supported by Mark Wyatt):  WolfConnect Phase 2  Mentorship Portal
  16. Katabasis 1 (Supported by Amazon):  Game the Game
  17. Katabasis 2:  Random Forests Minigames 2a
  18. Katabasis 3:  Random Forests Minigames 2b
  19. Laboratory for Analytic Sciences 1:  Chalk Talk - Conceptual Pegs in Language Analysis UI
  20. Laboratory for Analytic Sciences 2:  Loadwolf - Schedule Optimization
  21. Laboratory for Analytic Sciences 3:  Video Content Management System
  22. LexisNexis 1: Event-based Engagement Score Modeling
  23. LexisNexis 2: Google Workspace
  24. LexisNexis 3:  Welcome to Lexis Z!  "Is a little RAG what you need? Then just use Lexis Z!"
  25. Merck:  RISCs - Risk Informed Supply Chain System
  26. NC Parks and Recreation:  HRSeasonal Project
  27. NCSU BAE Environmental Sediment Mechanics Lab:  Scour Monitoring Software
  28. NCSU Computer Science Corporate & Career Services:  WolfResume - A Resume Enhancing Tool
  29. NCSU Computer Science Department:  Sunshine - Tackling the Mental Health Crisis Through Connection
  30. NCSU Computer Science Faculty: OfficeHowlers - Office Hours Queue (Phase 2)
  31. NCSU Computer Science Senior Design Center 1 :  Rubrics & Gradebook Tool  Grade Guru
  32. NCSU Computer Science Senior Design Center 2:  The Sponsor Portal - Connecting Business & Education
  33. NCSU Computer Science Undergraduate Curriculum Committee:  Syllabus Creation Tool
  34. NCSU Department of Chemistry:  Organic Chemistry Visualization Tool
  35. NCSU Game2Learn Lab:  SnapClass v5.0
  36. Pala:  Mobile Advertising Platform  Using Advertisements to Reduce Ride-Sharing Costs
  37. SAS 1:  The Wizard's Staff
  38. SAS 2:  DataMatch
  39. Siemens Healthineers:  Order Fulfillment Portal
  40. Stallmann:  Galant (Graph Algorithm Animation Tool) - JS
  41. The Ergonomics Center:  ErgoData App - Phase 2
  42. Vontier:  AR Inventory Evaluation Phase 2
  43. Vote Owl:  Vote Owl Rideshare
  44. Wake Technical Community College:  AR Protein Dynamics


Please come join us!  The media is welcome to this event.  If you plan to attend, please register online at by Tuesday, April 23rd, so that we may properly plan for refreshments.


Senior Design Center contacts:

Ms. Margaret Scaturro Heil, Director, (919)515-6020,

Dr. Ignacio Domínguez, Assistant Director & Technical Advisor,

Dr. Jason King, Technical Advisor,

Dr. Lina Battestilli, Technical Advisor,

Dr. David Sturgill, Technical Advisor,

Dr. Alexander Card, Technical Advisor,

Dr. Aimee Allard, Communications Coordinator,

Landon Gaddy, Teaching Assistant

Sarah Elder, Teaching Assistant

Angela Zhang, Teaching Assistant

Prathik Velagapudi, Teaching Assistant

Parvez Rashid, Teaching Assistant


Media & Corporate Partnership contact:

Ken Tate, (919) 513-4292,



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