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November 27, 2023

Senior Design Center's Posters & Pies Planned for December 5th

You are cordially invited to the NC State Department of Computer Science Senior Design Center "Posters & Pies" on Tuesday, December 5th from 5:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. in the Hunt Library IEI Duke Energy Hall.  Each of the Fall 2023 Senior Design teams will proudly show off project demonstrations and poster displays.  Pizza and dessert pies will be served!


Thank you to our program partners this semester for their generous support:  Live Oak Bank, Prometheus Group, the Computer Science ePartners Program and the NC State Engineering Foundation.


For directions to the James B. Hunt Jr. Library and parking information, please go to:


Parking is free on campus after 5:00 pm on a space-available basis (excluding 24-hour reserved spots). Handicap spaces may be used with any state-issued placard or plate.


This semester, the sponsors and projects are as follows:


  1. Arts NC State: Curricular Connections Guide
  2. Atomic Arcade: Snake Eyes Perk Prototype
  3. Bandwidth: SpotBandit – EV Charging Station Managing System
  4. Cisco:  Dynamic Firewall Access Control Service
  5. Deutsche Bank:  Evaluating LLM-Based Solutions for Software Engineering
  6. Gaweda:  Wolfwatch – CS Assignment Scanner
  7. IBM+NCSU Forest Biomaterials:  Object Tracking in Motion in Augmented Enriched Environment
  8. Katabasis 1:  Algorithmic Art
  9. Katabasis 2:  Random Forests - Animal Taxonomy Classification
  10. Katabasis 3:  Streamlined: Tower Defense
  11. Kuttal:  Inclusive Pair Programming Tool
  12. Laboratory for Analytic Sciences 1:  Correcting Speech-to-Text
  13. Laboratory for Analytic Sciences 2:  Data Prioritization Manager
  14. Laboratory for Analytic Sciences 3:  Model Deployment Service
  15. LexisNexis 1: Engagement Score Modeling & Visualization
  16. LexisNexis 2:  InterAction+ for Gmail
  17. McAfee: WebWarden - Web Safety & AI Detection
  18. McLeod: Test Pack - A Tool for Assessment Consistency in Large Courses
  19. Merck:  Cybersecurity Data Lake Monitoring & Analysis
  20. NC Parks and Recreation:  Vehicle & Equipment Inventory Management Phase 2
  21. NCSU College of Natural Resources:  ROOTS 2.0 - Research Operations Organizational Tracking System
  22. NCSU Computer Science Faculty: OfficeHowlers - Queue Management System for Office Hours
  23. NCSU Computer Science Game2Learn Lab:  SnapClass
  24. NCSU Computer Science Senior Design Center 1: Rubrics & Gradebook Tool
  25. NCSU Computer Science Senior Design Center 2: Syllabot
  26. NCSU Computer Science Undergraduate Curriculum Committee:  PackSyllabus Pro  Syllabus Creation & Feedback Tool
  27. NCSU Engineering Foundation & Department of Computer Science: WolfConnect
  28. NetApp:  FreeBSD Compatibility with Linux Drivers
  29. SAS:  Data Gandalf - A Suggestion Engine for Datasets
  30. Stallmann:  Galant-JS - Graph Algorithm Animation Tool
  31. Stolee: Helping Computer Scientists Analyze Algorithms
  32. The Ergonomics Center: NCSU ErgoApp
  33. Vontier: AR Physical Inventory Evaluation

If you plan to attend, please register online at by Thursday, November 30th, so that we may properly plan for refreshments.


Please come join us!  The media is welcome to this event.


Senior Design Center Teaching Team, Fall 2023:

Margaret R. Heil, Director, (919) 515-6020,

Dr. Ignacio Domínguez, Assistant Director & Technical Advisor,

Dr. Jason King, Technical Advisor,

Dr. Lina Battestilli, Technical Advisor,

Dr. David Sturgill, Technical Advisor,

Dr. Alexander Card, Technical Advisor,

Dr. Aimee Allard, Communications Coordinator,

Dr. Colin Potts, Technology Specialist,

Prathik Velagapudi, Teaching Assistant

Tanvir Arora, Teaching Assistant

Patrick O'Brien, Teaching Assistant

Grey Files, Teaching Assistant

Angela Zhang, Teaching Assistant

Media & Corporate Partnership contact:

Ken Tate, (919) 513-4292,



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