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April 12, 2023

Senior Design Center's Posters & Pies Planned for April 26

The public is cordially invited to the NC State Department of Computer Science Senior Design Center’s "Posters & Pies" event on Wednesday, April 26th, from 5:00-7:00 p.m. in NC State’s McKimmon Center. 


Each of our Spring 2023 Senior Design teams will proudly show off project demonstrations and poster displays.  Light refreshments will be served.


The event is sponsored by Prometheus Group, as well as the Computer Science ePartners Program and the NC State Engineering Foundation.


For directions to the McKimmon Center, please go to:  Parking is free and plentiful.


This semester, the sponsors and projects are as follows:


  1. Bandwidth:  Challenge Hero
  2. Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC:  Member Document Library
  3. Cisco:  AWS Change Management
  4. Diveplane Corporation:  R Language Client for Diveplane Reactor Platform
  5. EcoPRT: Multi-Vehicle Network Controller & Mobile App
  6. Epic Games:  Unreal Editor Utilities Games Showcase
  7. FreeFlow Networks:  Pinball Wizard
  8. IBM+NCSU Forest Biomaterials:  TrashTrack
  9. Katabasis 1:  Diffractive - AI-Generated Art
  10. Katabasis 2:  Metahuman NLP
  11. Katabasis 3:  Money Makin' Mateys
  12. King:  Learning Outcomes Report
  13. Laboratory for Analytic Sciences 1:  Data Prioritization Manager
  14. Laboratory for Analytic Sciences 2:  TL;DR - An Interface System for Tailored Daily Reports
  15. LexisNexis 1: Business Development Pipeline Visualization
  16. LexisNexis 2:  RefactorFORGE
  17. Live Oak Bank:  API Entitlements - Extending Authorization
  18. Mann+Hummel:  SprintTrack
  19. Merck 1:  Counterfeit Drug Detection
  20. Merck 2:  OSINTelligence
  21. NC Parks and Recreation:  Inventory Management Application
  22. NCSU CIIGAR Lab:  Self-Service Computer Vision Portal for Animal Behavior & Welfare - Phase 2
  23. NCSU College of Natural Resources:  ROOTS - Research Operations Organizational Tracking System
  24. NCSU Computer Science:  MyDigitalHand v2.0
  25. NCSU Computer Science IT:  Faculty Student Award Nomination
  26. NCSU Computer Science Undergraduate Curriculum Committee:  Syllabus Creation & Feedback System
  27. NCSU CVM+CSC Departments:  Poultry Bloodwork Reporting Tool - Phase 3
  28. NCSU How We Evaluate Lab:  Automated Intelligent Feedback for Students
  29. NetApp:  FreeBSD Rust Kernel Module 
  30. PositiveHire:  PHBalanced
  31. SAS:  FairLens - Early Bias Detection
  32. Siemens Healthineers:  Field Engineer Feedback
  33. Stallmann:  Galant - Graph Algorithm Animation Tool
  34. STEM+Computing Education Group @ NCSU:  SnapClass
  35. Strategic Interaction Video:  Online Video Learning Platform
  36. The Diversity Movement:  Microlearning for DEI
  37. Truist:  Cybersecurity Product API Integrations
  38. Wake Technical Community College:  AR Protein Dynamics


Please join us!  The media is welcome to this event.  If you plan to attend, please register online at by Friday, April 21st, so that we may properly plan for refreshments.


Senior Design Center Teaching Team, Spring 2023:

Ms. Margaret Scaturro Heil, Director, (919)515-6020,

Dr. Ignacio Domínguez, Assistant Director & Technical Advisor,

Dr. Jason King, Technical Advisor,

Dr. Lina Battestilli, Technical Advisor,

Dr. David Sturgill, Technical Advisor,

Dr. Alexander Card, Technical Advisor,

Dr. Kenya Odour, Communications Assistant,

Dr. Aimee Allard, Communications Assistant,

Dr. Colin Potts, Technology Support,

Sonali Chaudhari, Teaching Assistant

Prathik Velagapudi, Teaching Assistant

Henry Pinyan, Teaching Assistant

Saksham Pandey, Teaching Assistant

Angela Zhang, Teaching Assistant


Media & Corporate Partnership contact:

Ken Tate, (919) 513-4292,



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