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February 27, 2023

Remembering Naomi Rose Patrick

Computer Science (CSC) graduate student Naomi Rose Patrick passed away last October after a long and valiant battle with cancer, just weeks away from completing her MS degree in Computer Science at NC State.


On Friday, January 20, Naomi’s family, friends, co-workers, and instructors gathered on Centennial Campus for a special event celebrating the professional and academic accomplishments of this vibrant, energetic and spirited young woman. During the event, the Department of Computer Science posthumously awarded Naomi with the Masters in Computer Science degree, and her colleagues highlighted her professional accomplishments and made special presentations to her family.


A highly honored computer scientist who had worked for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for many years, Naomi is remembered as a dedicated and accomplished computer scientist. Throughout her professional career, she worked tirelessly to combat cyber-crime, while also focusing more recently on earning her graduate degree in Computer Science.


In her role at the FBI, Naomi was responsible for analyzing sophisticated malware created by international adversaries. She drafted malware analysis reports which were published by the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and other partners to ensure companies could defend against harmful malware. Not only did these efforts help protect the information and privacy of U.S. institutions, they also helped bring nation-state adversaries to justice for their harmful actions against the United States.


Naomi and her colleagues were invited to present at the Malware Technical Exchange Meeting (MTEM) at MIT, an annual event that attracts experts in government and academia, to discuss sophisticated foreign malware. Naomi and her partner’s presentation was voted “Best Presentation at MTEM” by their peers.


In 2021, Naomi was an instrumental member of the FBI team that disrupted one of the most prolific pieces of malware ever observed. Due to her contributions to this operation, in July 2022, she was awarded the U.S. Department of Justice’s highest award, the Attorney General’s David Margolis Award. She was personally recognized by FBI Director Christopher Wray and Attorney General Merrick Garland.


Naomi was the first female member of the FBI’s Computer Scientist Advisory Committee, and her leadership and guidance helped implement lasting, positive changes for computer scientists in FBI field offices nationwide.

FBI Supervisory Special Agent Jessica Nye recalled how Naomi skillfully hand-built a 3D printer for her FBI squad, and would consistently offer her help to others who wanted to use it. Special Agent Nye also spoke about Naomi’s strength and character at the event, and how she remained driven throughout her battle with cancer.

“What always amazed us about Naomi was her sheer determination to continue working her caseload even while she was receiving treatments,” Nye said. “She never asked for or wanted special treatment from us. Throughout all of her treatments, she somehow managed to power through and deliver absolutely incredible results. These results would not have been achieved without her excellent work and determination. We often wonder what our bad guys would say if they knew their evil plans were dismantled by a sweet, cheerful, and very colorful woman from the upper Midwest.”

The Department of Computer Science is honored to recognize Naomi Rose Patrick as a shining example of the impact that a single individual can make when you pair a Computer Science degree with a passion to make a real difference in the world. Those of us within the department who had a chance to meet and nurture Naomi along her academic journey were indeed privileged for that experience, as she enriched and inspired us all!

Pictured at right:  Accepting the posthumously awarded MS in Computer Science degree are (L-R) Naomi's brother, husband and parents.



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