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November 30, 2022

Senior Design Center's Posters & Pies Planned for December 7th

Please join us for the NC State Department of Computer Science Senior Design Center "Poster Day" event on Wednesday, December 7th from 10:30 a.m.-1:00 p.m.  Each student team will give a brief presentation of their Senior Design project in the James B. Hunt Jr. Library Auditorium.  After the presentations, pizza and dessert pies will be served, and you can enjoy project demonstrations and poster displays in the Hunt Library IEI Duke Energy Hall.


The event is sponsored by Amazon, as well as the Computer Science ePartners Program and the NC State Engineering Foundation.


For directions to the Hunt Library and parking information, please go to:


This semester, the sponsors and projects are as follows:


  1. CIIGAR Lab: Computer Vision Pipeline Portal
  2. NC Parks & Recreation 1: File Xplorer
  3. NCSU CSC Senior Design Center: Senior Design Calendar
  4. NCSU CVM + CSC Departments:  Poultry Bloodwork Reporting
  5. Katabasis 1:  Game Logger
  6. NC Parks & Recreation 2:  Visitation Application
  7. Katabasis 2:  Money Makin' Mateys
  8. Wake Technical Community College:  AR Protein Dynamics
  9. NCSU CCEE GeoQuake Lab:  Ascending Together Through  E²SCALA's Web Platform
  10. IBM:  AI Waste Classification System
  11. PositiveHire:  PH Balanced - Charting Diversity
  12. Salesforce:  Dynamic Schemas in GraphQL
  13. SAS 1:  Optimal EV Charger Placement
  14. Bandwidth:  HERMES - Composing AWS Services ... Visually!
  15. Cisco:  CyberQuery
  16. Game2Learn Lab:  SnapClass - Adapting Snap! to a Physical Environment
  17. NetApp:  Emulating Real-World Networks with SPADE
  18. Pack Motorsports Formula SAE: Real-Time Telemetry Dashboard
  19. DBGT:  Document Discoverer
  20. Laboratory for Analytic Sciences 1:  Infinitypool: More Labels = More Learning
  21. Laboratory for Analytic Sciences 2:  Managing Big Data in AWS
  22. LexisNexis:  Online Contact Capture
  23. SAS 2:  Gozer Reimagined
  24. Vontier:  Value of Data Analytics


If you plan to attend, please register online at by Thursday, December 1st, so that we may properly plan for refreshments.


For those who are not able or comfortable joining us in person, the presentation portion will be streamed live at

Please come join us!  The media is welcome to this event.


Senior Design Center Teaching Team, Fall 2022:

Ms. Margaret R. Heil, Director, (919) 515-6020,

Dr. Ignacio Domínguez, Assistant Director & Technical Advisor,

Dr. Alexander Card, Technical Advisor,

Dr. Aimee Allard, Communications Assistant,

Dr. Lina Battestilli, Technical Advisor,

Dr. David Sturgill, Technical Advisor,

Stephen Kubik, Teaching Assistant

Sonali Chaudhari, Teaching Assistant

Arpit Choudhary, Teaching Assistant

Saksham Pandey, Teaching Assistant

Media & Corporate Partnership contact:

Ken Tate, (919) 513-4292,



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