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March 31, 2022

Senior Design Center's Posters & Pies Planned for April 27th

Please join us for the NC State Department of Computer Science Senior Design Center’s "Posters & Pies" event on Wednesday, April 27th, from 6:00-8:00 p.m. in NC State’s McKimmon Center. 


Each of our Spring 2022 Senior Design teams will proudly show off project demonstrations and poster displays.  Dessert pies, snacks and drinks will be served.


The event is sponsored by BlueCross BlueShield of NC, as well as the Computer Science ePartners Program and the NC State Engineering Foundation.


For directions to the McKimmon Center, please go to:  There is ample parking, and it's free.


This semester, the sponsors and projects are as follows:


  1. ArgLab: ArgDiagrammer
  2. Bandwidth: Chaos Engineering Tool
  3. BlueCross BlueShield of NC: Unification
  4. Cengage: WebAssign Planning Release Tool
  5. Cisco: Wellness Portal
  6. Conceptualee Resources: Field Service Management Platform
  7. Concert Learning Orchestration CSC Group at NCSU: Dashboard Reports Module
  8. CS Help Group at NCSU & UVA: A Block-Based Planning Tool for Novice CS Students
  9. Data-Driven Tutoring CSC Group at NCSU: Deep Thought – R&D Sandbox
  10. EcoPRT: Autonomous Vehicle Route Manager
  11. Friday Institute & MCNC: Rumble Harvester
  12. #GoBeyond:  AI 4 Ai
  13. IBM 1: Telescope Device Controller Phase 2
  14. IBM 2: Antimicrobial Resistance Expert System Phase 2
  15. ICON: Replay Honeypots Phase 6
  16. JupiterOne: Starbase Command Center
  17. Kapravelos & Laboratory for Analytic Sciences 1: Visible V8 Web
  18. Katabasis 1: Agricoding Phase 2
  19. Katabasis 2: Camp Coordinator Phase 2
  20. King: Collaborative Learning Objectives Report Generation
  21. Laboratory for Analytic Sciences 2: Nixon Recordings + Presidential Daily Diary
  22. Laboratory for Analytic Sciences 3: Enriching the Nixon Recordings
  23. LexisNexis 1: Business QRDS
  24. LexisNexis 2: InterAction QueryBuilder
  25. Merck: Supply Chain Risk-Based Decision Expert System
  26. NC Parks & Recreation: Next Gen System Sustainability
  27. NCSU CCEE GeoQuake Lab: E2SCALA
  28. NCSU CSC Department 1: Evaluation Scholar
  29. NCSU CSC Department 2: Course Scheduling Utility
  30. NCSU CSC Senior Design Center: Automated Slack Archiver
  31. NCSU CVM + CSC Departments:  Poultry Bloodwork Reporting Tool
  32. NetApp: Passive Network Traffic Agitator
  33. Oracle: From Peer-Review to Crowd-Review
  34. SAS: DataGenius Phase 2
  35. Siemens Healthineers: Sentiment Analysis Software
  36. STEM & Computing Education Group at NCSU: SnapClass
  37. Triangle Strategy 1: ReMynda Medication Monitor: Caregiver/MD App & Organizer OS
  38. Triangle Strategy 2: ReMynda Medication Monitor: Pharmacy Client & Common Backend
  39. Wake Tech Community College: AR Protein Dynamics


Please come join us!  The media is welcome to this event.  If you plan to attend, please register online at by Friday, April 22nd, so that we may properly plan for refreshments.


Senior Design Center contacts:

Ms. Margaret R. Heil, Director, (919)515-6020,

Dr. Ignacio Domínguez, Assistant Director & Technical Advisor,

Mr. Colin Potts, Technical Advisor,

Dr. Jason King, Technical Advisor,

Dr. David Sturgill, Technical Advisor,

Dr. Lina Battestilli, Technical Advisor,

Dr. Kathryn Stolee, Technical Advisor,

Mr. Joseph Lutz, Teaching Assistant,

Mr. Stephen Kubik, Teaching Assistant,

Mr. Parker Killian, Teaching Assistant,

Ms. Sonali Chaudhari, Teaching Assistant,


Media & Corporate Partnership contact:

Ken Tate, (919) 513-4292,



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