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May 21, 2020

Congratulations to Our 2019-20 ACM/AITP Faculty and Staff Award Winners

For decades, computer science students, faculty and staff at NC State University have celebrated the end of the academic year with a pig pickin' on the last day of spring classes. This highly anticipated CSC tradition, hosted by the ACM/AITP student organization, also provides students the opportunity to recognize outstanding faculty and staff in the NC State Computer Science Department. 

Like so many other spring events, the year end pig pickin' was canceled due to the COVID-19 crisis, however voting on the faculty and staff superlatives still took place! 

Our students have spoken and here are the winners of the 2019-20 awards:


Most Receptive Undergraduate Professor Outside of Class Dr. Guoliang Jin, Assistant Professor


Most Receptive Graduate Professor Outside of Class - Dr. Edward Gehringer, Professor


Outstanding Undergraduate Computer Science Staff Member - Ms. Zelda Tuazama, Undergraduate Secretary in the CSC Advising Office


Outstanding Graduate Computer Science Staff Member - Ms. Leslie Rand-Pickett, Director of Graduate Career Services


Carol Miller* Outstanding Undergraduate Lecturer - Dr. Anupam Das, Assistant Professor


Carol Miller* Outstanding Graduate Lecturer - Dr. Rada Chirkova, Professor


Joyce Hatch** Service Award - Ms. Tammy Coates, Assistant Director of External Relations


*Carol Miller was a long-time Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science who retired in 2009 after more than 24 years of devoted service to the department.  Miller was co-advisor for the ACM/AITP student organization (along with Joyce Hatch).  She taught the large-enrollment introductory courses and helped create the integrated lecture-lab model currently used for CSC 116 instruction.  She was an exceptional lecturer and supported student success.  The Lecturer award was named in Carol's honor after her retirement to recognize her accomplishments in teaching.  She was a member of the Academy of Outstanding Teachers and an Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor (1997-1998) (one of three Computer Science faculty recognized - Alan Tharp in 1984-1985 & Sarah Heckman in 2017-2018).


**Joyce Hatch was an icon in the NC State Computer Science Department, and was co-advisor for the ACM/AITP organization (along with Carol Miller) since the creation of the organization.  She joined the department in 1975 and served in a number of prominent positions including Assistant Department Head (1984-93), Director of Undergraduate Programs (1988-93) and Director of Undergraduate Advising (1993-2006).  Hatch is remembered for her dedication to serving the Department of Computer Science as an undergraduate advisor and supporting student success.  The ACM/AITP Service Award is named in honor of Hatch to remember her dedication to service to the department. 


Congratulations to this year’s winners!



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