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May 07, 2020

Celebrating the Spring 2020 Academic Success

This has been a year that will go down in history!  In early March, our students thought they were leaving for just another spring break.  But Spring Break was extended, and at the end of the break, they learned that life as they knew it as an NC State student would never be the same!  Everything - classes, group meetings, interviews - everything went virtual! No one was allowed on campus!  All because of Covid-19.  But our students persevered.  They adapted to the new normal and they continued to succeed.


A lot has changed this year, but the one thing that has not changed is the caliber of our students and the outstanding accomplishments of this group.  On May 7, the Computer Science Department held a virtual “Spring 2020 Celebration of Academic Success” to recognize our 2019-2020 students and celebrate the many fellowships, honors and awards they had won. 


During our video celebration, six PhD candidates, 165 Master’s Degrees students and 166 candidates for the Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science were recognized.  Dozens more were recognized for receiving Best Paper Awards at prestigious conferences, College of Engineering Merit Awards, Fellowships, Leadership Awards, Outstanding Senior Awards and more.


The Computer Science Department is pleased to celebrate the many accomplishments of our students this year, and we are particularly proud of the way they have adapted, adjusted, and flourished under these extreme circumstances.  Please take time to view the video of our “Spring 2020 Celebration of Academic Success,” and join us in applauding the success of our Spring 2020 graduates!



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