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February 05, 2020

Dreher to Study Noise and Systemic Errors in Quantum Computers

Dr. Patrick Dreher, Research Professor in the NC State Computer Science Department, has been awarded $354,437 by the Oak Ridge National Laboratories – UT-Battelle LLC to support his research proposal entitled “Challenge and Opportunities in Noise-Aware Implementations of Quantum Field Theories on Near-Term Quantum Computing Hardware.”


The award will run from October 21, 2019 to October 31, 2021.  Dreher’s co-PI on the project is Alexander Kemper, Assistant Professor in the NC State Department of Physics.


Abstract – The goal of this project will be to research software technologies that can extend the coherence lifetimes of qubits in quantum computers. This project will utilize the physics of quantum field theory calculations as the testbed applications to research how noise and systematic errors may be identified and mitigated on quantum computing hardware platforms. The team will focus on the IBM Q hardware platforms and utilize the open-source deployment of Qiskit, OpenQASM, and OpenPulse in the IBM software stack. OpenQASM will allow the team to specify quantum circuits in terms of gates, measurements, and conditionals applied to quantum field theories. OpenPulse will then enable the team to experiment and study how pulse shaping, improved decoupling schemes, and calibrations may optimize control of the quantum computing gates and circuits describing these quantum field theories. Knowledge gained from this research will allow researchers to extend the circuit depth and complexity of calculations that can be programmed on a quantum computer.


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