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November 20, 2017

Sparking an Interest in Computer Science

While we live in a world surrounded by technology, only a small fraction of students pursue a degree or career in computer science. The Marbles Kid Museum wants to change this by stimulating young minds early!


Led by ToniAnn Marini, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Advising, CSC Student Ambassadors – Louis Le, Richard Marshall, Lauren Siegel, Michelle Lemons & Anastasia Egorova (pictured here) spent Saturday, November 18th helping spread the joy of computing at the Marbles < Kids > Code event in downtown Raleigh! 


The event was intended to be a day to inspire kids to learn about coding, spark an interest in coding careers, and share ways to encourage coding and computer science exploration at home.  By igniting an interest in coding and computer science in ALL KIDS from an early age, organizers hope to help demystify coding and spark an interest in technology-related careers.


More than 500 kids and family members were in attendance at the event!



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