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October 21, 2004

Perros appointed to NLR Network Research Council

Dr. Harry Perros (NC State, Computer Science) has been appointed to the the National Lambda Rail ( Network Research Council. (NRL NRC).

A significant portion of the NLR facilities are to be devoted to research in networking. NLR NRC will provide both guidance to the Board of NLR and to inform the networking community as to this opportunity. NLR NRC to provide input on what are the critical research issues that can utilize the advanced capabilities of the NLR network.

Members are

Paul Barford, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Dan Blumenthal, University of California, Santa Barbara
Javad Boroumand, Cisco Systems
Hank Dardy, Naval Research Laboratory
Constantinos Dovrolis, Georgia Tech
David Farber, Carnegie Mellon University (chair)
Gerald Faulhaber, University of Pennsylvania
Paul Francis, Cornell University
Larry Landweber, University of Wisconsin-Madison and Internet2 (ex officio)
Jason Leigh, University of Illinois-Chicago
Steven Low, Caltech
Mike O'Dell, unaffiliated
Phil Papadopoulos, University of California, San Diego
Craig Partridge, BBN Technologies
Guru Parulkar, National Science Foundation
Harry Perros, North Carolina State University

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