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March 07, 2017

Department Announces Masters Track in Security

The Department of Computer Science at NC State University is pleased to announce the approval and launch of a Masters Track in Security in the Computer Science Graduate Program curriculum.  The curriculum is effective immediately.
“As information technology continues to become ingrained in society, there are real world impacts whenever the security or privacy of these systems fail,” says Dr. William Enck, Associate Professor of Computer Science.  “The Masters Track in Security teaches students the skills necessary to build analyze, and reason about secure and private systems.”
Topics include both an overview of computer and network security, and a variety of more in-depth topics, including systems security, software security, privacy, and cryptography.  The track can be customized to be more practice-oriented or theoretically-oriented based on the interests of the student.
Completion of the curriculum requires 31 credit hours including security core courses (12), security foundations courses (9), computer science core courses, graduate or restricted electives (9), and a one credit hour orientation course.  Students must also satisfy all the Master of Computer Science (MCS) requirements.
For more information on the Masters Track in Security and its curriculum requirements, please click here.

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