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January 30, 2017

Congratulations to Our “Pride of the Wolfpack” Award Winners

Two staff members in the NC State Computer Science Department were recently recognized with "Pride of the Wolfpack" Awards.  Ann Hunt (right), Director of Research Administration, and Zelda Tuazama, Undergraduate Secretary in the Undergraduate Advising Office, are the latest recipients of the award.
The awards are designed to recognize NC State employees for a special or unique contribution to their college/unit or the University. Criteria for the award include: leadership on the job, customer focus, and quality of service.
Hunt first came to the Department as the business officer for the state side of funds.  She loves working in research, and when the vacancy in our research area became available, she was offered and accepted the position.  According to her nomination:  “She is meticulous with numbers and keeps our research personnel informed of upcoming deadlines as to proposals, closeouts, etc.  She is very committed to our department.  She is always willing to assist in the research area for our professors.  She meets with all incoming faculty to explain the research procedures and walks them through their proposal submissions.  She is very knowledgeable and keeps up-to-date on all the new guidelines, procedures, etc. as it has to do with research, and makes the faculty aware of this.”
Tuazama is the first point of contact for our undergraduate advising office.  According to her nomination:  “She is very customer service oriented in trying to assist all students who come into the office with questions, concerns, etc., or even potential students and their families.  Our undergraduate enrollment continues to have a steady increase year after year, and with the number of students enrolled in our program, she always has time for the students whether it is to get a form for them, help them to review their transcripts to see what the best possible avenue is for them to take a course or just being there for them. She is very helpful with our departmental graduation ceremonies as well as getting the information needed for our graduation program to the proper person for compilation into the departmental program.”
Join us in congratulating our Pride of the Wolfpack Award winners, and please pass along your thanks for all of his hard work and dedication to the Computer Science Department, the College of Engineering and the University.

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