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February 09, 2017

Seven New Members to Join Department’s SAB

We are excited to announce the addition of seven new members to the Computer Science Department’s Strategic Advisory Board (SAB)
  • Kimberly Calhoun - Founder & CEO of Guardianator, serial entrepreneur, engineer and TV talk show host of PBS' Money Masters
  • Christina Edwards – VP of Software Engineering at Premiere
  • Bernie Emsley - VP of Global Product Development at LexisNexis
  • William Gregory* - VP of Software Engineering Development at Fidelity Investments
  • Anthony Grieco* - Senior Director, Security and Trust at Cisco
  • Chris Stanley* - VP of Analytics Development at Allscripts
  • Dr. Chris Waller - Executive Director, MRLIT Modeling Platforms at Merck
* NC State Alumni

The SAB is a cornerstone of the department’s strategic planning efforts.  This dynamic group of industry executives and academic leaders provide input and guidance, which is critical to helping shape the department’s strategic focus.  The SAB meets annually on campus and functions as a virtual working team throughout the year through member involvement on subcommittees, executive panels and other engagement opportunities.  Membership terms are for three years and may be renewed for a second term.
Mike Huska, Director, Technical Architecture, Incentive Compensation COE, is currently the chair of the SAB, and Monique Morrow, CTO/Chief Technology Strategist at Cisco, is vice-chairperson.  This year’s annual SAB meeting will be held in Raleigh on April 26-27. 
For more information about the Department’s SAB, click here.

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