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April 18, 2016

NC State Game Development Showcase Planned for April 22nd

You are cordially invited to attend NC State’s 2016 Game Development Showcase to be held Friday, April 22 at 6:00 p.m. in Engineering Building 2 (EB2) on NC State's Centennial Campus.  The annual event, now in its twelfth year, is free and open to the public. 
About the Showcase:
The CSC 482 Advanced Game Projects course expands on the principles learned about Game Engines in CSC 481.  It is an exploration of technologies and techniques necessary for developing a stand-alone computer game.  The students tackle game production and its issues via a team-based project.
This year, three teams built games with two requirements:  the games, built over the course of the 16-week spring semester, must use the Oculus Rift virtual reality system, and they must be multiplayer.  Learn more about the games below:
Cube Route – Cookie Dough Games
This is just your basic block-sliding, escape-the-room puzzle game.  Oh, except the only way to move the blocks around is to shift gravity itself, sending you tumbling as the room tilts around you.  Work with your partner and everything might just fall into place.  Try to keep track of where the exit is, and hold onto your lunch!
Momentum – Hit n’ Run Studio
Take to the arena in 2-v-2 action in this comic-book-style, fast-paced shooter.  Use physics-based guns to push or pull your enemies into pits to win.  Grapple your way around the arena with these weapons to avoid getting hit and to help your teammate.  The Momentum never stops!
OVRdrive – Vagabond Studio
Race.  Shoot.  Win.  OVRdrive puts you in the seat of a light-armor hovercraft where you will compete with friends to finish first.  Your vehicle is equipped with a turret to blast your opponents.  A variety of power-ups add interesting twists.  There are a variety of tracks, each with its own unique theme.  Come try it out to find out more!
Important Showcase Details:
Date:               April 22, 2016
Time:               6:00 p.m. for brief presentation, demos and a reception with light refreshments to follow
Location:         Engineering Building 2; Room 3211 for presentations, Rooms 3001 and 3002 for demonstrations. 
                       (Directions and parking). 
The teams of students will give presentations describing the design and development of their games, from the initial concept phase, through the definition of technical and artistic milestones, to the effort involved to create the finished product. After their presentations, students will host audience members at a reception where the games will be available for play, and the students will answer questions about their work. Faculty will also be available at the reception to answer questions from students and parents interested in NC State's courses and programs focusing on game creation.
About Our Sponsors:
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For More Information:
Contact David L. Roberts, assistant professor of Computer Science, at or telephone number 919-513-7182.

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