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March 09, 2016

Northrup Grumman Supports Streck’s Research on Scalable Data Fusion

John Streck, the Director of The Institute for Next Generation IT Systems (ITng) at NC State University, has been awarded $90,000 by Northrup Grumman to support his research proposal entitled “Scalable Data Fusion.”  Streck's collaborators on this project are Associate Professor Dr. Rada Chirlova, and Principal Research Scholar Dr. Michael Kowolenko in the NC State Computer Science Department.
The award runs from November 16, 2015 to April 12, 2016. 
Abstract –This research proposal is focusing on embracing data fusion through the aggregation and disambiguation of multiple data streams that allow for filtering data with its subsequent representation. Data types include structured data, structured metadata, and unstructured text. There is no harmonization of data types. The process of disambiguation will be performed using an unstructured text analytics to extract evidence from documents using rules-based extraction coupled with statistical methods to improve rule generation. Structured data sets will be harmonized through aggregation and recombination using H-based systems. Subsequent data sets will be deployed into schemas that allow for rapid assessment data sets for report building (queries). The research will expand to investigate data fusion integrated with machine learning techniques that can add a higher level of data selectivity.

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