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January 27, 2016

Telang, Kalia Earn Best Paper Award at ICSOC

Congratulations to alumnus Pankaj TelangPhD student Anup Kalia (pictured at right), and professor Dr. Munindar Singh in the NC State Computer Science Department, and John Madden, associate professor of pathology in the Duke University School of Medicine, for winning the Best Paper Award at the 13th International Conference on Service Oriented Computing (ICSOC 2015) conferenceheld in Goa, India on November 16-19, 2015.
The winning paper is titled “Combining Practical and Dialectical Commitments for Service Engagements,” and the abstract follows: 
We understand a service engagement as a form of collaboration arising in a sociotechnical system (STS). Although STSs are fruitfully modeled using normative abstractions such as commitments, a conventional (practical) commitment can capture only part of the story, namely, a debtor’s promise to the creditor to bring about the consequent if the antecedent holds. In contrast, in a dialectical commitment, which we highlight, a debtor asserts to the creditor that the consequent is true if the antecedent is. For example, a customer may dialectically commit to a seller that the product she received is damaged but may not practically commit to damaging the product. We introduce a novel bipartite operationalization of dialectical commitments that separates their objective and subjective aspects and thus avoids the problems arising if we merely treat dialectical like practical commitments. We express that operationalization in temporal logic, developing a verification tool based on NuSMV, a well-known model-checker, to verify if the participants’ interactions comply with the participants’ dialectical commitments. We present a set of modeling patterns that incorporate both practical and dialectical commitments. We validate our proposal using a real-world scenario of contradictory medical diagnoses by different specialists.
To read the award-winning paper, click here.
ICSOC is the top international forum for academics, industry researchers, developers, and practitioners to report and share groundbreaking work in service-oriented computing.  ICSOC fosters cross-community scientific excellence by gathering experts from various disciplines, such as business process management, distributed systems, computer networks, wireless and mobile computing, cloud computing, cyber physical systems, networking, scientific workflows, services science, management science, and software engineering.  For more information on ICSOC 2015, click here.

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