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September 25, 2015

US Navy Supports Ogan’s Research

Dr. Kemafor Anyanwu Ogan, associate professor of computer science at NC State, has been awarded $48,725 by Datanova Scientific via US Navy – Office of Naval Research to support her research proposal entitled “Type System for Naval Essential Tasks.”
The award will run from July 6, 2015 to November 6, 2016. 
Abstract – Knowledge graphs are information networks with a specific topology that can be modeled as algebraic data types in a type system called Flutes, created by Datanova Scientific to rigorously analyze formal approaches to semantic integration. This project will demonstrate the capability of Flutes typing for summarizing knowledge graphs, collecting and collapsing high-dimensional data into low-dimensional data. Typing will help optimize queries based on column values similar to NOSQL databases. By using Flutes to implement a tactical knowledge base for DoD and other agencies, front-end applications can avoid including code for data validation, checking integrity constraints, or mission data extraction.
For more information on Dr. Ogan, click here.

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