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June 02, 2015

US Army Research Laboratory Supports Research on Intelligent Tutoring Systems

Distinguished Professor of Computer Science, Dr. James Lester (pictured at right), along with Drs. Bradford Mott, Senior Research Scientist, and Jonathan Rowe, Research Scientist, in the NC State Center for Educational Informatics, have been awarded $1,072,237 by the  US Army Research Laboratory to support their research project entitled “Tutorial Planning with Markov Decision Processes for Counterinsurgency Training Environments.”
The award will run from April 10, 2015 to April 9, 2018. 
Abstract – Intelligent tutoring systems (ITSs) are highly effective for education and training. Tutorial planning is a critical component of ITSs, controlling how scaffolding is structured and delivered to learners. Devising data-driven tutorial planners that automatically induce scaffolding models from corpora of student data holds significant promise. This project investigates a data-driven framework for tutorial planning that is based on modular reinforcement learning. This framework explicitly accounts for the inherent uncertainty in how learners respond to different types of tutorial strategies and tactics, and automatically induces and refines tutorial planning policies in order to optimize measures of learning outcomes.

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