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March 11, 2015

Department Announces Masters Track in Data Sciences

The Department of Computer Science at NC State University is pleased to announce the approval and launch of a Masters Track in Data Science in the Computer Science Graduate Program curriculum.
The curriculum is effective beginning Fall 2015.
Data Science has become increasingly important in nearly every industry sector and academic field, and the discovery and forecasting of insightful patterns from "Big Data" is at the core of analytical intelligence in government, industry, and science.
According to Dr. George Rouskas, Professor & Director of Graduate Programs, "The Masters Track in Data Science complements various academic and research initiatives in data science on campus."  He adds that the track will provide students with the skills essential to knowledge discovery efforts to identify standard, novel and truly differentiated solutions and decision-making, including skills in managing, querying, analyzing, visualizing, and extracting meaning from extremely large data sets.
The data sciences track curriculum requirements include nine credit hours of data science core courses; nine credit hours of data science electives; twelve credit hours of computer science core courses, graduate electives or restricted electives; and a one credit hour orientation course, for a total of 31 credit hours.  Students must also satisfy all the Master of Computer Science (MCS) requirements.
For more information on the master track in data science and its curriculum requirements, click here.

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