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May 04, 2004

Eos 2 and Student/Faculty Laptop Pilots

2003-04 has been a busy year for the College of Engineering Computer Committee. The committee has been planning a next-generation Eos that supports mobile computers, remote-access services, and targeted discipline-specific labs.

A pilot program to support 40 faculty teaching with laptops gets under way with a workshop in August 2004. In addition, 300 new students will be entering the student-owned computing pilot program in fall, now in its fourth year (see These two pilots will expand Eos beyond lab-based computing to more effectively support owned computers, distance students, faculty computing, and computing in the classroom and the discipline.

The committee also reviewed Eos software applications to identify essential software for general productivity, general engineering, departments, disciplines (may run across departments, e.g., mechatronics), and individual courses. This review will continue as the college assesses the best way to deliver applications to an open platform model, multiple operating systems, and lab and mobile computers.

Planning documents and additional information can be found at the committee site at and the new Eos site for faculty computing,

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