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November 18, 2013

Mueller Receives Multiple Research Awards

Dr. Frank Mueller, professor of computer science at NC State University, has received two awards recently.

First, Dr. Mueller has been awarded $300,000 by Sandia National Laboratories via US Department of Energy to support his research proposal entitled “Hobbes: OS and Runtime Support for Application Composition.”

The award will run from October 24, 2013 to October 23, 2016. 
Abstract – This project intends to deliver an operating system and runtime system (OS/R) environment for extreme-scale scientific computing.

We will develop the necessary OS/R interfaces and lowlevel system services to support isolation and sharing functionality for designing and implementing applications as well as performance and correctness tools.

We propose a lightweight OS/R system with the flexibility to custom build runtimes for any particular purpose. Each component executes in its own "enclave" with a specialized runtime and isolation properties. A global runtime system provides the software required to compose applications out of a collection of enclaves, join them through secure and low-latency communication, and schedule them to avoid contention and maximize resource utilization.

The primary deliverable of this project is a full OS/R stack based on the Kitten operating system and Palacios virtual machine monitor that can be delivered to vendors for further enhancement and optimization

Second, Dr. Mueller also was awarded $153,934 by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory via US Department of Energy for his project, "Resilience for Global Address Spaces."

The award will run from 9/24/2013 to 8/15/2014.

Abstract – The objective of this work is to provide functionality for the BLCR Linux module under a PGAS runtime system (within the DEGAS software stack) to support advanced fault-tolerant capabilities, which are of specific value in the context of large-scale computatonal science codes running on high-end clusters and, ultimately, exascale facilities. Our proposal is to develop and integrate into DEGAS a set of advanced techniques to reduce the checkpoint/restart (C/R) overhead.
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