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July 30, 2012

Cisco Renews Support of NC State Internship Program

Cisco Systems, Inc. has given an additional $32,000 to the NC State Computer Science Department to support an internship program that originated in July, 2011.  This is a pilot internship program between NC State and Cisco for four undergraduate students to learn through working part-time on real-life problems for Cisco with the hopes that this pilot program will grow and develop into a long-term working relationship. 
Specifically, NC State students will participate in Cisco Software Application Support plus Upgrades (SASU) projects and/or conduct research for SASU. This will be done with an understanding that the interns are students, and as such are learning and being trained with the training coming from both the Cisco (for SASU-specific skills), and NC State (through the undergraduate program they are enrolled in) in general relevant skills.
Drs. Peng Ning and George Rouskas, professors in the Computer Science Department at NC State, are co-PIs on the project.


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