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June 08, 2012

“Pure Modness” a Finalist in 2012 LuLu eGames

Pure Modness, an Android video game designed by Khiry Arnold, a junior in the NC State Computer Science Department, was selected out of more than 100 entries as a finalist in the Design and Prototype Challenge of the 2012 LuLu eGames.
NC State’s Entrepreneurship Initiative, in partnership with LuLu, hosts the annual eGames event for teams of students from all disciplines to collaborate to develop solutions to real world challenges.  The LuLu eGames are open to all NC State students, and offers medals and prizes totaling up to $30,000.  Team and individual competition opportunities are available in areas that include but are not limited to web/IT development, B2B and retail products and services, bio tech and energy, as well as social nonprofit, and education development.
Pure Modness is an interactive video game designed to help stimulate mental cognition through a variety of mini games.  The majority of the games are mathematically based with the name “Pure Modness” drawing inspiration from the Modulo operation in mathematics. 
Arnold presented a demo for a single game called “Scramble” which requires the player to tap on any of the nine numbers displayed which match a certain criteria depicted at the top of the screen.  For example, if the criteria is Less Than 4, the player would quickly tap each number on the screen equating to less than 4 before a new criteria is generated.  Players earn points by selecting the appropriate numbers in a fixed time period.  According to Arnold, Pure Modness provides a variety of games with innovative and intriguing challenges that are entertaining enough to keep up with other games on the Android market.
Even though Pure Modness did not place in the competition, Arnold said, “Overall the eGames was an extremely enlightening experience.  Being selected from over 100 entries was certainly motivating, as it confirmed the relevancy of such a product in today’s market… My loss served only to motivate me to provide an even more enchanting product next year for the LuLu eGames.  I would encourage other computer science students that have great ideas to cultivate and share them, as they could certainly win big with an opportunity like the eGames!”
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