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March 21, 2012

Healey Receives Supplemental Funding for Visualization Research

Dr. Christopher Healey, associate professor of computer science at NC State University, has been awarded $51,299 in additional funding by UNC-Chapel Hill via Sandia National Laboratories to support his research proposal titled “Ensemble and Comparative Visualization of Scientific Datasets.”  The total funding is $131,231, and the project has been extended to August 31, 2012.
Abstract - This proposal will study methods to visualize simulation ensembles, large sets of simulation results generated by repeatedly executing a simulation across a range of input parameter values. Ensembles will be provided by collaborators in astrophysics, meteorology, high-energy physics, and statistics. The goal of our research is to identify effective techniques to visualize ensembles containing hundreds or thousands of simulation runs. We propose to combine techniques from perceptual and multidimensional visualization to build images that present some or all of the results to an end-user, in a manner that allows him to explore, validate, discover, and analyze individual values within the ensemble.
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